Hoya UX UV Filter 77 mm (PHL)

MYR 170.00

Warranty : 1 Year warranty from Malaysia Distributor


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To make these filters as user-friendly as possible, the coating of the popular Hoya HMC filters has been optimised. The UX filters use a coating called "HMC WR" (High Multi Coated Water Repellent) for HOYA UX UV filters - for high brilliance and contrast. The UX UV filter with water-repellent coating is an upgrade of the Hoya HMC UV (C) filter and is part of the UX entry-level series together with the CIR-PL Slim filter. Both filter types belong to a product concept tailored to amateurs and the HOYA-typical high quality standards also make it accessible to beginners. The UX UV filter, which can be used on both film and digital cameras, absorbs ultraviolet rays, which often make outdoor shots unintentionally diffuse and invisible. The UV glass absorbs the responsible spectrum of UV rays, so that the images appear clearer and sharper and mist veils are weakened. This versatile filter is suitable for both colour and black and white photography and also serves as an always-on lens protector.

  • The UX UV filter can be used on both film and digital cameras.
  • The UV glass absorbs the UV rays, making the images appear clearer and sharper, reducing haze veils.
  • This new 10-layer coating, which has been applied on both sides of the filter glass, ensures reliable reflex rejection.
  • WR Coating Layers - Water can bead immediately on contact with glass without leaving any marks.
  • The glass is held by a new and very thin aluminium frame. This prevents vignetting on wide-angle and super-wide angle lenses.

Hoya  UX  UV  Filter