Eureka RT-48C Auto Dry Box

MYR 690.00

5 Year Warranty By Malaysia Distributer


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Auto DryBox ( desiccator, auto-electronic desiccator, auto dry, dry box, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, dry cabinet, low-humidity storage box, low-humidity keeper etc. ) are suitable for optical photographic equipment, key materials for hi-tech manufacture / R&DK, information media, precision equipment, food and medicine, valuable collectionsK..etc.

Keep valuable items dry and free from mould or moisture damage with the Eureka Auto Dry Cabinet. Compact and easy to use, the Eureka Auto Dry Cabinet is the perfect companion for photographers, collectors or anyone who has precious items they wish to keep dry.

Key Features
  • The Eureka Auto Dry Cabinet is perfect for keeping camera lenses moist free and dry.
  • This reliable dry cabinet uses a German Analog Hygrometer to keep everything dry.
  • The Eureka 46L RT-48C Auto Dry Cabinet boasts an impressive 46L capacity.

RH Range: 25% ~ 55%RH.

External Size (W x H x D cm): 31.2 x 47 x 38.4.

Sliding Trays: 1.

Capacity (Liter): 40.

Hygrometer: 1.

Eureka  RT-48C  Auto  Dry  Box