Tether Tools TBUSB30 TetherBoost Core Controller

MYR 329.00

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Tether Tools TBUSB30 Overview


Helping to improve and maintain consistent power when shooting tethered, the TetherBoost Core Controller regulates a USB 3.0 connection between a digital camera or back and a computer. Particularly adept at improving connections when working over distanced tethered configurations, this controller serves as a camera- or computer-powered intermediary to boost signal strength in order to achieve true USB 3.0 transfer speeds with cameras and backs. Further helping to reduce power strain on cameras and computers, this controller is also compatible with optional AC and battery power sources to maintain a reliable connection at tethered working distances greater than 15'. Additionally, for monitoring the stability of each port in use, a TrueConnect LED panel displays indicator lights to confirm a constant connection.

  • Improves and maintains a USB 3.0 tethered connection between digital cameras or backs and computers.
  • Powered by the camera or computer, this controller works to achieve true USB 3.0 transfer speeds for consistent and reliable tethered shooting abilities.
  • When working at distances greater than 15', optional AC and battery power sources can be used to maintain a clear signal.
  • TrueConnect LED panel indicators help to confirm each of the ports in use have a stable and consistent connection.
  • Especially well-suited for use with digital cameras and digital backs featuring a USB 3.0-compatible port.
  • A 3.3'-long USB 3.0 cable is included.